Wolfsburg Shocks Bayern And Wins The Tremendous Cup

On August first the Bundesliga champions, Bayern Munich, faced off against the second place runner-ups, Wolfsburg. Everyone had high hopes for Wolfsburg this year, who performed exceptionally well and managed to come in second place.
Wolfsburg hasn't always been the best performing team but last season was obviously a completely different story. Their striker Bas Dost, 25, contains the best striking rate in
Bundesliga. With an average of 1 goal per 63 minutes, Bas Dost scored an overall total of 13 goals through the season.
With the help of Kevin de Bruyne, the 24-year-old Belgium international, who had 10 goals as well as an incredible 20 assists this coming year they was able to win the Super Cup over the reigning champions. His recent performance inside Bundesliga have made him one of the hottest people around the transfer market today, nevertheless it does not appear to be Wolfsburg have an interest in selling their most beneficial player.'' It was quite surprising how successful Wolfsburg were this coming year considering the fact that read more one of their very talented youth player Junior Malanda passed away in a car accident at the age of 20. Passing away during the early January left the team in a state of shock but hire the fans and great teammates to encourage each other and dedicate their victories to the late Junior Malanda. They did all they are able to to secure their honor because of their beloved teammate. It was really something to observe.
Bayern continues to be struggling since 2012 to win the Super Cup also it seems that this cup belonged to Wolfburg. Kevin de Bruyne had missed an early chance at goal after heading it in the anxious and cheeky Manuel Neur and then miss a straightforward open goal, but he made up for it within the late 80th minute by offering an assist to the one and only Lord Bendtner to equalize the score. Not only was Bednter capable of score the equalizing goal but also the final penalty to ensure they are the Super Cup champions.
It is refreshing to view a team with a lot of youth, talent, and passion produce a change to the better and beat the Champions. It looks like Wolfsburg could even catch up to Bayern next season are available out in first place inside Bundesliga Season. Let me know who you wanted to win the Super Cup and you can post any comments down the page.
Narek Manoukian
Spark Sports soccer analyst

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